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Setting Financial Goals: A Guide to What Should be Included

Posted 2 days ago

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy financial peace of mind, but achieving that goal can be difficult, especially when it seems like there is always a new financial fire to be put out. A medical bill or unexpected car repair can be enough to put you behind and make achieving financial stability seem like […]

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How Millennials are Not Banking

Posted 2 months ago

Often when people think of prepaid card holders, the unbanked and underbanked of America, they think of lower income households. It’s a long-held belief that to save you have to rely on traditional banking, but millennials are looking to disrupt the system. In fact, according to Business Insider, the two youngest adult generations in the […]

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Community Connect 2016

Posted 6 months ago

You never really know someone until you walk around in their shoes. That’s why every December, instead of throwing a holiday party for ourselves, we ask every employee to go out and walk in the shoes of our customers. Its part scavenger hunt, part pay it forward, all teamwork and empathy. We call it Community […]


7 Ways to Pay Less in Taxes

Posted 6 months ago

This is a preview of a post from the Liberty Tax blog. The views expressed below are theirs. For the entire post, please click here. Everybody wants to pay less taxes, and with good planning throughout the year, you can make it happen. You can reduce your taxable income, help yourself, and help others. It’s […]

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I Filed My Taxes. When Can I Expect My Tax Refund?

Posted 8 months ago

This post is a guest blog post by Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA, Turbox Blog Editor and Spokesperson. This is a post written by TurboTax. The views expressed below are theirs. So you’ve made it through the holidays, set (and hopefully not broken) your new year’s resolutions, and got a jump-start on the new year by filing […]


Prepaid Cards 101

Posted 8 months ago

What is a prepaid card? Prepaid cards are called different names, such as prepaid debit cards, but they usually refer to the same thing. A prepaid card might look like a debit or credit card, but they are a different type of payment product. With a prepaid card, you have to load money onto it first […]


How to Avoid Being a Cybercrime Victim

Posted 9 months ago

Chances are you know someone who has been a victim of cybercrime or you’ve been one yourself. Almost half of American adults had their personal information exposed by cybercriminals in 2015, according to the Ponemon Institute. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and better at tricking people into giving up their personal information. The most common […]


How to Protect Your Identity and Avoid Scams

Posted 11 months ago

Unfortunately, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States with millions of victims a year according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, then you know how frustrating it can be to resolve and reclaim your money. One of the most common ways criminals […]

Pro Tips

Pro Tip: Authorization Holds

Posted 2 years ago

Let’s say one morning you get up, you get ready for work, and stop for gas along the way. You use your Netspend card to pay at the pump, fill up your tank, and you’re on your way. Later in the day you check your balance and notice that your balance is almost $100 dollars […]


How to Budget Your Money in 5 Easy Steps

Posted 2 years ago

No matter how messy or confusing you think your finances are, creating a monthly budget doesn’t have to be. Having control over your money is important, it can help relieve financial stress and give you peace of mind. To get started, just grab a pencil, paper, and calculator or open a spreadsheet on your computer […]

Pro Tips

Pro Tip: Want to Avoid ATM Fees? This One Trick May Save You Money

Posted 2 years ago

ATMs are very convenient, but they often have fees associated with withdrawing money. That’s why this simple tip can help you get the cash you need while saving on fees.* Use the Cash Back option You can’t do this at every location, but often times, grocery stores, retail locations, and other merchants will give you […]

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Introducing the Netspend Blog

Posted 2 years ago

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years. I’ve learned a lot in my time here. The most important thing that I have learned is that it’s all about you, our customers. I ask my team every day, “What customer problem are we solving?” We stay focused on you, your needs, and your goals […]